Oh Dear.

It’s been over three years. Gross. A few years ago I heard some really great advice from nerd hero Chris Hardwick, who said to treat what you want to do like your job. After yet another failed attempt to escape retail, and a few other factors, I decided why the h*ck not. Four hours a […]

New New New

Hello, all! ‘Tis 2014, the year of the… um… lemme google that.  It’s the year of the Horse! Well, technically not until Jan. 31st, but hey. I was hoping for rich symbolism, but actually horses freak me out and that’s not what I’m looking for this year.  I have lots of plans for this year. […]

Dogs In Sweaters

I had been thinking of revisiting the old bloggy woggy (timey wimey) when my husband, Millionaire Space Accountant, spontaneously updated his blog not once, but twice, and it inspired me. Feel free to read the post where he talks about how great I am. That’ll be nice for you.  As he has written about already, […]

Imagination is for Turbo-Nerds

It’s a new year! Some people make resolutions, and some people resolve not to make them ever. I prefer making general goals rather than specific ones, that way I don’t feel as crushed when I inevitably mess up at “wearing makeup every day like a grown up lady” or “only having one Coca-Cola a week” […]

Christmas Madness

It’s December! I will admit that I like to get Christmas started the day after Thanksgiving. But this year I just wasn’t in to it… maybe it’s the weather, which has been dry, sunny, and warm lately. It took me a few days to fire up the Christmas music on the iPod, Spotify, and Pandora, […]

Turkey Day

I almost forgot about my promised “what I’m thankful for” post. So, while my pie is in the oven… I’m thankful for all the things in my life that make me laugh! I am lucky to be married to pretty much the funniest man on earth. Even when things just suck, he always finds a […]

Crazy Week

Hello! Taking a break from my kind of nutty week to chill with my three devoted readers. :) I think by anyone else’s standards this would be a pretty normal week, but I don’t get out much so let’s just humor me for now, won’t we? I am currently caring for a friend’s dog and […]

Let’s talk about Potassium! K?

Guess what folks. Today is not just any Monday. And this post is not just any excuse to put off NaNoWriMo goals (20,025 words, folks! Most of them not totally made up!) or ignore filing yet another application for continued unemployment benefits. Yes, today is my friend Potassium’s birthday!  I have known Potassium since… mmm… […]


November. When I was a kid I had a friend named November! Crazy. It’s crazy that it’s November. It’s also an unusual name for a kid if you’re choosing month names, although I also knew a kid in elementary school named January. Or was it September? I know she had one sort of odd month […]